Laura Sinkfield

Laura began her journey in title by becoming a paralegal and discovering her love for the real estate industry while working on sale side transactions for consumers. This passion drove her to partner up and create her own title company in 2001, which was a huge success for nearly 17 years, having over 20 offices! Her inner drive to create thriving  businesses and teach others led her to take on another company which has evolved to be the ever-growing Minnesota Title.   

Laura has performed every aspect of the business and now focuses her wide range of knowledge solely on managing the business. Laura is known for her big heart and strong work ethic. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, three children, one grandchild, and hubby Ryan. Whether traveling, having fun at the cabin, or simply sitting by a bonfire, it’s the family & friends that surround her that bring her joy.

Laura also strives to make a difference in the world through working with a variety of charities such as The Link, along with other non-profits where she can dedicate her time and energy to support a good cause.

Holly Klick

Holly joined Minnesota Title in Feb of 2018 and has been helping make it the wonderful & successful company it is today! Holly was a natural fit for managing a title company. Her journey in title started back in 2002 where she learned the ropes on the entire process beginning to end. Through-out the years, she has gained experience in almost any transaction imaginable from understanding the intricacies of land development to closing extensive commercial transactions. Her knowledge is priceless, and we truly appreciate how Holly will always find an answer and help out wherever she is needed. She wears a lot of hats at the company which works well with her personality since the one thing she loves most about her role is the people she gets to interact with!

The culture that has been created here at Minnesota Title is a true testament to Holly’s hard work and dedication towards making this company be the best it can be and her strive for excellence is ongoing. Growth, function, success and client satisfaction are top priorities. Between the employees and the clients themselves, Holly truly values the relationships that develop every day and her commitment to always finishing what she starts is highly appreciated by all!

When not busy working, Holly loves to spend time with her adorable daughter Blake and enthusiastic yorkie Blue. 

Melissa Cox

Melissa joined Minnesota Title in 2017, having come from previous Title companies. She loves building relationships with the customers and the support and encouragement she gets from her employees. Integrity, respect, and loyalty are the main attributes of Melissa. She is so helpful all across the board! Her recreational pastimes include concerts, bingo, home projects and road trips. Her favorite quote is “Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.”

Marketing Team

Melanie Dunker

Melanie joined Minnesota Title in the Summer of 2019, coming to us with experience in marketing, nation-wide recruiting and team leadership. She loves to connect people and thrives on the creativity and insight that comes along with developing new business relationships! Melanie is optimistic, energetic, and solution orientated, which transitions perfectly in her role here at Minnesota Title. In her spare time she enjoys entertaining friends, dining out, shopping, traveling, biking, practicing yoga, reading books, and spending time doing “anything and everything” with her husband Chris, son Landon, and “best dog ever” Murphy.

Mark Espersen

Mark Espersen is the Director of Client Relations, building long term relationship’s and guiding them through the title experience. He works for Minnesota Title, where they are “Making dreams happen, one key at a time.” He has built and formed hundreds of relationships in the Real Estate Industry over the last 12 years through a hand shake, his word and great service! His Motto is “Give them great service and they will never leave.” Integrity is a core value for Mark and Minnesota Title. Mark’s Dad once told him that “No one can take your Integrity away, you have to be willing to give it away!” He has carried that value throughout his life. Family, Friends, Golf, Minnesota Sports Teams, Blues and Jazz Music, Good BBQ, The Cabin and his strong faith keep him grounded, even keeled and happy. Laughter for Mark is like medicine, it is the great elixir.


Lisa Kiedrowski

Lisa Kiedrowski is what we like to call the “OG of MT!” She has been in title her entire career and her knowledge proves it. Lisa has a fabulous team that helps support her growing clientele and expanding responsibilities. Lisa has been known to train our future title rock-stars and gets rave reviews for her quick follow-up with her clients. Always seeking to improve and grow, she is a main asset to our team. In her spare time she enjoys traveling to England to visit her family and enjoying her social side.

Brittany McGaughey

Brittany joined Minnesota Title in May of 2019 and came to us with over 20 years of experience in Title & Mortgage. She loves to simplify the home buying process for her clients by taking all the necessary pieces and intricate details and laying them out in a smooth and seamless way. It feels very rewarding for Brittany to be a part of this monumental process. Brittany shines as a closer, being able to put herself in other’s shoes and going out of her way to make people feel welcomed and appreciated. Being brought up in a family of faith, Brit always tried to treat people as she would want to be treated and values generosity, honesty, compassion, reliability & respect. Her favorite bible verse exemplifies all the strength and dedication we admire in Brittany, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, working on her photography business, camping, organizing, and practicing natural healing. She was also taught by her late Grandfather how to do the loon call!

Chelsea Haataja

Chelsea Haataja has been in title many years now and it surely is her calling. She is an executive closer out of our Otsego office. Chelsea is quick to respond, always seeks to get an answer, and is smooth and detailed at the closing table. Her reliability and go-to attitude make her stand-out. In her spare time she loves to hang out with her family, play sports, and enjoys the changing weather.

Elijah Christensen

Elijah joined Minnesota Title in 2019 and has grown exponentially into his role as a closer. Having been a closer in the past for another title company in the twin cities he felt a pull to get back into a role where he truly helps people. Elijah likes to be able to take a complicated process and lay it out in layman’s terms to the clients. He likes to simplify and explain things in a manner that is enjoyable and comfortable for his clients. Elijah has a true zest for life and likes to stay active by biking in the Summer and snowboarding in the Winter. His happy place is found on the slopes of Colorado with his snowboard! He even teaches lessons!

Heather Tearle

Heather has been in the title industry for over 22 years! We are so glad to have her knowledge and expertise in our company. You can truly see her passion for helping people shine through in every closing. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, playing pool and spending time with her family.

Jayne Fronk

Jayne brings a wealth of experience to her role at Minnesota Title, having been in multiple realms of the title world. Jayne truly enjoys the people she works with and sees them as family. She has a calm and friendly personality, which transitions beautifully at the closing table. She values honesty and treats everyone she meets with respect, truly getting to know them as people. Her life outside of work is consumed mainly with her “family of animals!” Jayne has a BIG heart for rescuing animals and even has her own non -profit animal rescue. She has opened her home to cats, dogs, horses, chickens and even had 2 roosters in the house and an opossum! When not working with animals, Jayne loves to ride her Harley, in fact her favorite quote is “Better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool”- Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

Kayla Uphoff

Kayla joined our team in May of 2020 and has been such a joy to have! She loves meeting new people, and having come from Massage therapy Management, her friendliness, hard-work, dignity, and care shines through. She truly enjoys making people feel comfortable and well taken care of, and wants their home buying experience to become a fond memory for them. Kayla enjoys spending time with her infant son and hiking, biking, and kayaking. She loves the Harry Potter series, going to Universal Studios and Florida, but most even more exciting is that she used to work on a sailboat in the US Virgin Islands! We’re glad she found herself at home in Minnesota though.

Kristen Brown

Melanie Joseph

Having come from a 16 year career in the dental industry, Melanie was used to working very closely with people. While she loved to be helpful and interact, she always had an interest in title, and luckily for us it was the perfect fit! She loves helping guide clients through the home closing process and keeping everyone at ease towards a smooth closing. Melanie has a competitive nature and strives to always do her best at whatever she takes on. We joke about wanting to clone her and she actually has a twin who she gets mistaken for quite often! In Melanie’s spare time she enjoys being with her family, exploring the outdoors, and cheering on her kids in sports.

Nicole Braddock

Nicole has been in the title industry for over 20 years. We are so glad she joined the team in Summer of 2019. She loves everything about the closing process and celebrating this big day with the buyers/sellers. She is prompt and efficient and offers a professional and timely response to any questions or concerns. She is a pro at putting out fires! In fact, she is a skilled fire eater/performer and has been doing this for years! When not playing with fire or closing files, she enjoys baking and sketching. We love how Nicole can relate to all kinds of situations and people.

Randy Rupe

Randy joined Minnesota Title in 2014 and is extremely knowledgeable in Title! He worked with JP Morgan and Bear Stearns in the past. He is calm yet energetic which is the perfect mix for making his clients feel confident and comfortable in the closing room. Whether it’s their first home or their hundredth, every client is special to Randy. He was born and raised in Arizona but has learned to call Minnesota home! He enjoys Racing motocross and is driven by hard work. Favorite book is Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Sue Sipper

Sue has been in the Title industry for over 34 years and we are so glad to have her! She truly enjoys offering support and professional service to create a positive experience for our clients. While not at work, Sue enjoys organic gardening and farming and is also a Bee Keeper of North Spoon Apiary.

Closing Coordinators

Amanda Pearson

Amanda is part of Brittany McGaughey’s team in Mendota Heights. She manages their team email, receives new orders, schedules, initiates wires, and deposits checks as well as acts as their front desk admin/reception. She spent 15+ years in retail and retail management and was looking for a career change. She has 2 gray tabby cats named Panther and Puma. She loves to be outdoors anytime but Winter as well as: traveling, coffee, reading, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends

Bridget Hoeschen

Bridget has been in the title industry since 2003 and gladly joined us almost 2 years ago. We’re happy to have her! She has done almost everything imaginable in regards to title from abstracting to processing. Bridget loves helping people with the next chapter of their life and the fact that every day is different! In her spare time she enjoys being with her family (twin boys and daughter) at the cabin, and riding ATV. She values honesty and patience with her favorite quote being “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

Emily Klingner

Samantha Graves

Danyell Peterson

Danyell is a processing machine- 18 years and counting! She loves working with “homes” as they hold so many memories and celebrations, as well as the variety of interactions her role entails. Loan officers, agents, and other teams can sometimes become like family and conversations go “beyond the file.” Danyell is approachable, friendly, helpful and professional all in one. She values doing the right thing with integrity. Her favorite quote is “Life doesn’t require us to be the best, only that we try our best.”

Lindsey Santovi

Lindsey has been in the title industry for years and loves helping with the process of buying or selling a home! Being personal and getting to truly know people makes her feel happy and helpful. She knows they put their trust in her hands, so she takes extra care to do a great job for them. It’s all about good energy! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with kids, cooking, and doing home projects.

Maggie Schwitters

Maggie comes to us with over 13 years of Title experience. We are so pleased she chose to bring her expertise to our growing company! She loves working with all of the employees within the company and the pride she gets after a closing is complete. What makes her so good at what she does is her ability to put herself in other people’s shoes. No matter the situation, she remains open-minded and listens thoroughly. If they want to chat about the weather, she will listen, if they want to vent, she will listen. Everyone has busy lives but taking a moment to help in any way she can is rewarding to Maggie. The values of honesty, dedication, compassion and integrity do not go unnoticed with Maggie! Outside of work, her greatest joy comes from spending quality time with her kids, family & friends. Her favorite quote is “She’s going to forever say “I got this” even with tears in her eyes.”

Ryan Sonneson

Ryan Sonneson has been in the title industry for 6 years, but you’d think it was 20! He is so knowledgeable. His favorite part of being a processor is being helpful with buyers and sellers – this is usually the biggest transaction of their life! He always keeps them in the loop with everything that is going on and being the helping hand they deserve. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, ice fishing and going to cabins. Ryan is a die-hard Minnesota Sports fan! Even though they may never win it all, he never gives up on them. We love this kind of loyalty in our employees! His motto in life is to never give up and work hard in every task that he does. Taking pride in your work is a value we cherish in our Minnesota Title team! 

Savannah Hanson

Savannah is newer to the title industry but quickly proving she has what it takes to excel! Coming from retail management, her organization and follow-through skills are key factors to her success. She enjoys how no two files are alike and takes pride in the help and guidance she can offer her clients. When not working, Savannah enjoys playing volleyball, going to the gym, and spending time with friends & family. She values her child, her faith and the determination to do better. Her favorite quote is “I may not be where I want to be today, but I am further than I was yesterday.”

Shari Peterson

Shari is a recent addition to the Minnesota Title family and she’s proving to be the perfect fit! For the last 13 years she was a paralegal for a bankruptcy attorney and continuously driven by hard work and honesty. The desire to take on a new challenge and grow her knowledge drove Shari to title. She enjoys the fast paced mechanics of the process, like a puzzle fitting everything together to create a smooth closing. In her spare time Shari enjoys fishing and golfing with her husband, spending time at her grandparents’ cabin which she has been going to since she was a child and is fortunate that she can bring her own children up there to make memories! A unique hobby includes raising and showing mini rex rabbits with her sister!

Brittany Brown


Brittany enjoys being in title within the order entry role because it allows her the flexibility to continue her schooling while working with a supportive team. She spends most of her time outside of work being busy with family, school, and her two young boys that keep her on her toes! Occasionally she gets out to enjoy some wine & dancing with her girlfriends, going to the movies and painting. Brittany values Consistency, Respect, Honesty, Loyalty, & Love. Her favorite quote is “she is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” -Proverbs 31:25


Louis White

Jr. Examiner & Typist

Louis joined Minnesota Title in 2019 and has been in the title business since 2010. His experience comes from working with Northwest Title, Stewart Title, and Liberty Title. He loves to learn new things and title is a great realm for that. The variety and change that properties bring is quite intriguing to Louis. We value the way he takes pride in everything he does! He likes to go to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment. In his spare time Louis enjoys lifting weights, watching football, having BBQs, watching movies, listening to music and enjoying time with family and friends. His favorite quote is “Pressure makes diamonds.”

Natalie Sipe

Natalie is the beautiful face you see at our Maple Grove front desk! She directs client calls and assists closers/coordinators with their tasks. She enjoys seeing people purchase their homes and the joy it brings them, as well as there is always something new and interesting popping up to learn about.

When not working she loves going up north and spending time with family and friends.

Phil Serrin

Shannon Vietmeier


Shannon loves teamwork, and being an examiner is definitely her forte! When people band together to get the job done is a high motivator for Shannon. Fun fact: she shared an office with our CEO Laura Sinkfield since the early 90’s when they were both paralegals! In her spare time she is secretary of her Book Club (16 years and counting)- very impressive! Some of her favorite books are “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “A Man Called Ove.” Shannon also enjoys being with her family and taking long road trips to various state and national parks, walking the dog, or relaxing on her porch with a book. One thing her friends and family love about her? The keen ability to trouble-shoot and plan. If there is something missing she will find it! That’s why reliability is a key quality of hers. She has it handled. If Shannon is on it, you know it will be done…and done right! She gets enjoyment out of doing a good job and performing to the best of her ability. We admire her talent!

Tracy Halliday

Zach Haataja

Zach has been an examiner for about 4 years. He enjoys being able to help with the home buying/selling process and being able to learn something new each day. In his spare time, Zach loves to travel and play with his dogs

Coy Nelson

Coy has been working in Title since 2019 and continues to learn something new everyday. He loves meeting new people and creating relationships, as well as learning something he feels true passion for. Driven by honesty and staying humble, his favorite quote is “If you say you can’t, you never will.” Coy enjoys time outdoors, helping with charities, and trying new activities. Currently he is attending college and holds a 3.9-4.0 GPA. We truly enjoy having Coy assist us at Minnesota Title!

Quality Control

Amy Monssen

Quality Control Coordinator

Amy has been with us since 2013, with over 1`7 years of title experience. Having been a closer for 9 years she has seen all sides of the title industry. Amy loves the people she works with and the variety of tasks each day brings, including the new challenges that present their selves! In her spare time Amy enjoys traveling, golf, and spending time with her husband, 3 children, and dogs.

Brenda Kes

Quality Control Coordinator

Brenda has been with Minnesota Title for the past 3 years and comes from a long career or over 20 years in the title and relocation world. She loves being part of a company that values teamwork! She enjoys working closely with co-workers being in the QC department. Brenda is dependable, reliable and very efficient in what she does which is why we appreciate her! 

Carla Simmons

Quality Control Admin

The lovely Carla has been with Minnesota Title since the very beginning and we so appreciate her! She comes to us with over 18 years of Title experience and it is her forever home. Although she is in a “behind the scenes” role of Quality Check she also “makes the magic happen.” She loves the diversity of her role and finds fun in the ever-changing tasks of the day. She cares about people and the work she does. When not working in title, she enjoys spending time with her 3 grown children, traveling, reading, and being around family and friends. What makes Carla shine is her big welcoming smile. She truly sees the beauty in all people and knows that everyone is carrying some kind of a load around and we are all here to work together and care about each other. Her loyalty, integrity, kindness and positivity are shown to us every day and she is the first to jump in and help fix a problem. Her favorite quote is “People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.”- Eleanor Roosevelt